From design

to production

of your collection.


but not without


Your design or

the Proteam models:

a new way

made in Europe.


Automated working

systems and advanced

quality control

From order to production to delivery, every single step is monitored by

our quality control units, trained to strive for the highest standards.

The skills and crafts of the artisan boutique:

that's where we come from.

A tradition that is not lost, but implemented

by modern techniques: the real difference in

our quest for excellence.

We can develop your collection or you can customize

the products from our catalog.

A product mix created by combining our

commercial experience

with the most advanced production techniques.

Essential design, high quality and the opportunity

to develop a new BRAND with low stock,

continuity and the guarantee of the highest standards.

Not only technology,

but qualified personnel

with know-how and passion

From style and design department to the

development of cut patterns and the

study of the production process:

everything is carefully examined by our staff

and properly planned thanks to most

recent software and machines.

Fabric production

Digital production




Socks production

From yarn to finished fabric.


Our perpetual research for quality and service

brought us to a new challenge: knitting

ourselves our own fabrics.

New machines and up-to-date technologies,

integrated with the know-how of skilled

personnel in order to have a high end product

with steady quality and year-long availability:

all calibrated to suit the needs of the customer.

For each sport we have selected standard models particularly versatile for customer’s graphic personalization and ideal for continuous production.

In addition to the basic design

you can further customize each item with sponsor, name and number

of the player.

Our products are made from prime quality fabric and printed in high definition with bright colours,

detailed and indelible prints.

Customize teamwear.


Choose the model

for each sport

Develop your design

Complete every pIece

with number and player name





Standard models or custom production


for the high quality of the product and the high production capacity we are leader in Europe in the production of sport socks.

Also you can customize small productions

with colors and crest of sports clubs.